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Are You Better Off In A Dress Or A Suit For Homecoming?

by Sonia Prescott

Choosing an outfit for a homecoming dance is not a simple task. Do your friends know what they're wearing and do they mind if you wear the same color? Has the dance been officially announced so that you know exactly where and when -- and thus what the weather would be like, too? Do you choose the latest fashion or a classic look? Luckily, you can find a lot of different styles of dresses, including non-dress options like suits. Which is better for you, though?

A Rare Chance

Unless you spend your days at debutante balls, you don't really get a chance to dress up much in real life. Wearing a classy, fashionable dress that sparkles and fulfills pretty much every princess or fashion model fantasy you've ever had isn't something that most people do every day, and homecoming represents one of the few times in your life when you'll be able to dress up like this. If you want to take advantage of this fashion model feeling, go for the dress.

Sometimes You Don't Want to Be That Free

Dresses all suffer from one issue: feeling a little too free underneath the skirt portion (since there are no pants there, unless you choose to add bicycle pants). Sometimes you just don't want that open feeling at all, and if you're one of these people who feels uncomfortable wearing little but pantyhose under the dress, a suit could be a better option.

Combo Look

If you're torn between the two options, there are combination outfits that look like flowing dresses but that are really pantsuits or jumpsuits. These have billowy legs that are effective at hiding the division between the legs, so when you're just standing around, no one can really tell it's not a dress.

School Dress Code

Of course, your school dress code may make the choice for you. Some schools may prohibit suits for girls, though it's common to find that suits are OK within reason. Definitely follow any rules prohibiting crop tops or other minor things. Remember that dresses can just as easily violate a dress code, so find out what your school is requiring and work within that framework.

If you're interested in seeing dress designs up close or finding out more about styles like the combination outfit, talk to a dress seller, like one at Bridal Elegance, well before homecoming. The cool dresses and suits will likely sell out quickly, so don't wait.